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2016 Kenya Week at UNESCO

Held under the theme “Driving Peace and Sustainable Development through Culture”, the 3rd edition of the Kenya Week at UNESCO will be held from 10 to 14 October 2016 at the UNESCO Headquaters in Paris, France.

The week-long event will feature multple exciting events such as an exhibition, film screening, kenyan cuisine and cultural performances. The biennial event will provide an opportunity to discover or re-discover some of Kenya's great heritage.

A photo exhibition will display Kenya’s rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as its cultural diversity. The powerful collection of vivid images gives viewers a rare insight into Kenya’s cultural treasure chest. This unique event is designed to showcase Kenya in miniature giving viewers contextual impressions of different aspects of lifestyle, architecture, dress, art and dance in Kenya.

The exhibition will also showcase the strong collaboration Kenya has with UNESCO towards building peace in the minds of men and women. Exhibitors drawn from both the public and private sectors will display an amazing array of products and services that have made Kenya one of the most diversified economies in Africa. Several Happy Hour events will be organised during which visitors can dance to traditional music from Kenya's diverse cultural communities.

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